About Us

The Meritzone Foundation is a leading educational assesssment organization founded by group of academicians, engineers and corporate leaders with the aim of promoting education awareness and scientific inquisitiveness among the students. The Meritzone is committed to ensure every child's life with education and enlightenment. To accomplish this, we apply a multidimensional approach. Our academic team is continuously doing research on the aspect of education to make a difference in education through assessments, personalized learning and ensuring that the students prepare themselves for their future. In today's competitive environment it is the time to think and plan about the future, a future in which the children of the present shall be leaders of tomorrow. The Meritzone Foundation is committed towards creating leaders for tomorrow through various assessments, scholarship programs, educational seminars at various school & colleges. With this commitment we conduct various scholarship examination & seminars for students from KG to XII at state and national level. We are committed in meeting the expectations of the teachers, parents & students.


We are committed to retain our quality and excellence in every sphere of our activity. We conduct various scholarship examinations and seminars all the year round. Our Skilled and experienced academic team is always busy designing the question papers and updating them regularly to cope up with the changes in the school syllabus. We hold workshops which are duly monitored and supervised by our academicians. Beside this, we are equally interested about pedagogy. We believe that good students can be from good institutions only. We therefore try to find devoted and equipped teachers and administrators engage in those institutions. We acknowledge and encourage them with award & prizes.